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Download Hindi Movie Kopps

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Download Hindi Movie Kopps

646f9e108c When a small town police station is threatened with shutting down because of too little crime, the police realise that something has to be done... Police officer Benny is obsessed with American police cliches and livens up his own boring everyday life with dreams of duels with bad guys. But poor Benny and his colleagues doesn't have much to do in the small town of Högboträsk. Most of their days are spent drinking coffee, eating sausage waffles and chasing down stray cows. Peace and quiet is the dream of every politician, but for the Swedish authorities, the lack of crooks is reason to close the local police station. When the cops investigate a suspected act of vandalism, they realise that they themselves may be able to raise the crime statistics high enough to stay in business. The two Fares does it again and even is better than ever!

Director Josef Fares does an even better movie than "Jalla! Jalla!" (2000) and his brother Fares Fares is excellent in the lead role as a cop in a small Swedish Town.

But my favorite is Torkel Petterson in the role as Benny. Benny is a sweat guy who makes headbands to his fellow police men, but dreams of becoming a hard neck American cop.

If you want an easy and funny movie make sure to see this one! If you're looking for real comedy and humor, this is the movie to watch. Especially if you like the previous movie, Jalla,Jalla! by the same director (and many of the same actors) this one is a must. However don't be disappointed if the quality is not as high as Fares's debut.

It's more filled with stupid jokes and the characters are not as thoroughly deepened as you would l

Hindi Rangle River

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Rangle River

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Hindi Rangle River

a5c7b9f00b Marion Hastings, absent from her Australian home, Rangle River Station, for many years while completing her education in Europe, receives a letter from Dick Drake, her father's ranch foreman, demanding she return home immediately. Marion, together with her chaperon, Aunt Abbie, flies home. While making flight connections at the Singapore Airport, they meet Flight-Lieutenant Reginald Mannister, an Englishman on his way to India. Attracted to Marion, however, he switches his tickets and embarks for Australia, receiving an invitation to stay at Rangle River Station. Upon arrival, Marion discovers Drake fighting with a rival ranch-foreman and, properly disgusted with his improper manners, she gives him a good dressing-down regarding his "brutal exhibition." Arriving at the old homestead, it is obvious to Marion why she has been called home; Rangle River Station is being beset by drought. Meanwhile, Lawton, a neighboring ranch-owner who has designs on the meat-contract held by Dan Hastings,endeavors to impoverish Rangle River Station further by secretly blocking off on his property, the river from which Hastings' cattle get their water. Meanwhile, Reggie flies over Lawton's property and confirms his suspicions that Lawton has dammed up the river. Lawton blows up the dam to free the water. But Marion is galloping up the dry river-bed and is trapped by the torrent of on-rushing water. Its hard to make a totally boring western, but these guys came as cl

Episode 1250 Tamil Dubbed Movie Download

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Episode 1.250 Tamil Dubbed Movie Download


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The Song Of Idaho

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Song Of Idaho

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The Song Of Idaho

a5c7b9f00b When sponsor Nottingham cancels King Russell's radio program, The Hot Shots try to change his mind. They not only fail but Nottingham's son forces them to take him back to Russell's ranch. Once there he starts playing practical jokes. With everyone disliking him and learning his father is coming, he has a plan to redeem himself.

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Wednesdays Child Telugu Full Movie Download

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Wednesday's Child

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Wednesday's Child Telugu Full Movie Download

a5c7b9f00b Once normal happy teen, bullying changed Alison into a withdrawn, secretive girl in a relationship with the wrong type of boy. After being the target of a malicious bully, she finds the courage to put a stop to it. But at what cost?

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